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hould have been so long maintained across the continent, with no track for wheeled vehicles, over mountains and through deep gorges,

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    with the dangers of robbers, pestilence, and the hundred accidents that are liable to occur in such a country and such a time; but

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    so it was. Over this route were carried the cargoes of many richly freighted galleons; along these dangerous pat

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    h-ways thousands of soldiers marched to glory or the grave, and hundreds if not thousands of civilians went in search of new l

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    ands from which they could gather the wealth they coveted. ON THE ROAD TO ACAPULCO. It is eighty leagues, or

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    240 miles, from Cuernavaca to Acapulco, the port which once enjoyed a profitable commerce but is to-day of comp

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    aratively little moment. Spasmodic efforts have been made at different [Pg 349] times for the construction of a wagon-road, b

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猈HAT THE ITAL. A WAY-SIDE SHRINE. At Cuernavaca our frien ds learned that
they wer road from Vera Cr uz and Mexico to Acapulco, and the youths greatly
wished inue to the Pacific Ocean. It is t he old route of comm erce between Spa

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way of consolation the youths determined to write a description of the route from what they could learn from others. By consulting those who had made the journey, and by references to some of the volumes in their possession, they composed the following: "Th

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ere is no regular system of hiring horses and baggage-mules for the journey, and the traveller must make his bargain with an arriero. A horse to carry himself, and a mule for the baggage, will cost about forty dollars, twenty for each animal; if there are se

in and Asia, and was t

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  • veral persons

    in a party the [Pg 350] price can be reduced somewhat. It should be carefully stipulated that the arriero pay h

  • is own exp

    enses and those of his animals, or the traveller will find himself mulcted for a considerable sum as he goes along

  • . The arrier

    o will want to be paid in advance, a demand that should be strenuously refused; the affair can be compromised by p

  • aying half dow

    n, and the other half at the end of the journey, which is ordinarily made in ten days. "As we start from Cuernava

  • ca we find o

    urselves on a carriage-road, and wonder how it happens that we were told we must go in the saddle. The reason is s

  • oon

    apparent, as the carriage-road comes to an end after a little while. It reminds us of that famous turnpike somewhe

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    n the Western States that began with a macadamized road fifty feet wide, and steadily dwindled till it became only

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irrel-track and ran up a tree, or a similar road that terminated in a gopher-hole. One gentleman says the route from Cuernavaca to Acapulco is spo